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July 2013

Dealing with Tough Issues: Creating a Movement toward Social Cohesion and Peace


“Like sunshine in the darkest abyss I’ve ever experienced.”

Breaking Through for the Sake of Love

Quranic Values as an Inspiration for Gay Marriage

Revisioning Islamic Same-sex Relations

Parliament of the World’s Religions Survives Financial Crunch

Parliament Update

Grassroots Activists with a Global Outreach

From Danville to the Amazon

Buddhism and Same-Sex Sexuality

Refocusing the Issue

Including LGBTQ Voices in Interfaith Work

After All the ‘Others’

Need-to-Know Resources for LGBTQ Young People

You Are Not Alone

Tablet of Stone

What Fifth-graders Learn from Good Teachers

The World Congress of Faiths – An Overview

Nudging Religion Towards Inclusiveness

Three LGBT Jews Share Their Journeys

How It Gets Better

Why I Decided to Come Out as a Gay Priest

No Longer Anonymous

The Global Divide on Homosexuality

The Challenge Facing Inclusivity

I Do Gay Marriage

Finally, Goodness Affirmed

Employment Non-Discrimination Act 2013: The ‘T’ In LGBT Protections

Ignoring the Transgendered

Study Says Gays Find Most U.S. Faiths Unfriendly

The Continuing Challenge

Helping Religious Families Support Their LGBT Children

Profiling the Family Acceptance Project

Minnesota Marriage Equality: Top Ten Reasons this Victory Is So Sweet

Multifaith Action Paves the Way