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Young Adult

Earth - Faith - Peace: An Interreligious Youth Teach-in

Twenty young people of diverse faiths from across the world will converge at the Mariapolis Luminosa Conference Center in Hyde Park, New York on Thursday, July 23 to tackle climate change. Their desire to build a more peaceful planet through environmental activism unites youth who, on the surface, seem different: they are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, and Zoroastrians from America, India, and Cuba. The group’s diversity underscores a growing consciousness of the widespread and devastating effects of climate change. Indeed, every living being on Earth has been or will soon be affected by this issue.

“Heartbeat” Brings Israeli-Palestinian Music to Tennessee

What is truly amazing about Heartbeat is not their music. It is the way they make their music. A group of ten 14-22 year olds, all of them but one an Israeli citizen, often proclaim that their music is simply a medium for a deeper message. Clearly inspired by a desire to love across boundaries of race, religion and ethnicity, the members proudly observe that what they are doing is anathema in many of their home communities. They are embracing the other in a way that is both constructive and creative.

Nicholas Hayes – What Defines a Millennial Interfaith Leader

Michael Hayes of Criterian Institute is the second young leader interviewed in this three-part series with Millennial leaders in the interfaith movement. To see the first, with Jen Bailey of Faith Matters Network, click here.

Rev. Jennifer Bailey – What Defines a Millennial Interfaith Leader?

Often in the interfaith movement, we speak about the changes in the religious landscape and the impact these sociological, religious and political shifts have on the movement. Rarely, however, do we get the chance to hear from young leaders of the movement who spend time thinking about and challenging our expectations of what it means to be a leader in the interfaith movement today.

Youth Interfaith Activists

Six years ago, in January 2009, I sat on a train thinking about where the year ahead would take me. Nearing the end of my undergraduate degree, I was starting to think more seriously about what to do next. I had ideas, but nothing quite seemed to fit until I came across an international, interfaith, social action-oriented program called the Faiths Act Fellowship.

Generations of Religious Leadership Sit Down Together

A simple discussion several years ago about how to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Interreligious Council of Southern California‘s (IRC) led to exploring the importance of fostering stronger relationships and bridging the gap between the older and rising generations of faith-inspired leaders. It turned out these members of the IRC and the Center for Religion and Civic Culture (CRCC) at the University of Southern California had touched on a growing concern.

Study: Young Networked Sikhs Still Value Religious Tradition

A recent study of young British Sikhs shows that while they may be digitally savvy and engage with religion on the Internet, for many of them, traditional offline community and authorities continue to play a central role.

State of Formation: A Forum for Young Faith & Ethics Leaders

It is difficult to know where to turn to get accurate, interesting, creative, not to mention, meaty theological reflections exploring the social issues we face in the world today. The online forum State of Formation (SoF) offers such a place, and as the forum grows, the continuing legacy of writers, ideas, topics, and dialogue grows as well.

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Why Young Adults Are Disappearing from Our Congregations

My work life so far has focused on the youth and young adult communities in Muslim and Unitarian Universalist (UU) settings, and this essay is about the challenges they face. Many American faith communities face the problem of large elderly populations and small to non-existent populations of young people from 18 to 30. The Pew Forum reports that a third of the U.S. population under 30 now identifies as religiously unaffiliated. Clearly, faith communities are having trouble maintaining relationships with their estranged youth communities.

Camp Anytown – the Details and the Results

Camp Anytown is a nationally recognized, 50-year-old award-winning training program for youth focusing on leadership skills, human relations, and diversity. The goal of Camp Anytown Las Vegas is to create communities based on inclusivity, respect, and understanding through youth leadership and empowerment. This year our Spring camp is being held April 26-28.

Why Southern Nevada Interfaith Believes in Camp

Thank you for your interest in interfaith relations in Southern Nevada.

In two weeks, the Interfaith Council opens its Spring Camp Anytown in Lee Canyon. Approximately 60 youth will venture up the hill to be together for a life-changing weekend.