Vicki Garlock
Vicki Garlock Vicki Michela Garlock is founder of Faith Seeker Kids and the Curriculum Specialist for Jubilee
Involving Creation in the Creation (for kids)
Garlock This is the second in a three-part series on creation stories. Part one, “How the World Came by Vicki Garlock While numerous creation stories center on how the entire world came to be, others Vicki Garlock Garlock Header.jpg
Faith-Related Crafts as a Precursor to the Arts
By Vicki Garlock UNLEASHING SPIRITUAL CREATIVITY IN CHILDREN Artistic expression is a form of Vicki Garlock
Changing the Face of Our Nations
Vicki Garlock By Vicki Garlock INTERFAITH PEACE CAMPS FOR KIDS “The camp was a life-changing experience for me
Helping Kids Connect to the Earth
Vicki Garlock By Vicki Garlock USINGTHE PAGAN WHEEL OF THE YEAR The best way to minister for the Earth is to help
Seeking Peace through Art for Children
Vicki Garlock By Vicki Garlock THE FUNKOR CHILD ART CENTER IN ISLAMABAD Fauzia Minallah Fauzia Minallah is an
Let’s Get this Party Started!
By Vicki Garlock INTERFAITH KIDS COLLABORATING Humans may be hard-wired for collaboration. Of all Vicki Garlock
Caring for Creation (for Kids)
Extending a Helping Hand to Earth and Animals Caring for Creation (for Kids) by Vicki Garlock This Vicki Garlock is the third in Vicki Garlock’s three-part series on world creation stories for kids. Part one by Vicki Garlock Once creation, in all its splendor, has been spoken, dreamed, resurrected, danced
Teaching the Divine Feminine
by Vicki Garlock The recent celebration of Purim – one of the most entertaining holy days in Jewish Vicki Garlock No Longer Hidden Teaching the Divine Feminine By Vicki Garlock This 1750 manuscript, called the
How the World Came to Be (for Kids)
Vicki Garlock by Vicki Garlock The oldest, most common myth in human history is the creation story. These tales , NC – Photo: Vicki Garlock We haven’t even covered the tip of the iceberg. People spend a lifetime Creation Stories from Around the World How the World Came to Be (for Kids) by Vicki Garlock The ! Community Church, Asheville, NC – Photo: Vicki Garlock In this story, chaos coalesced over 18,000 years
Celebrating Ramadan – the Kids’ Perspective
Vicki Garlock By Vicki Garlock “IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT FASTING” I admit that I just didn’t get it. Several Muslim
Taste-buds and Interfaith Bridge-building
By Vicki Garlock HOLIDAY FOODS FOR KIDS The holiday season is upon us, which means we are all twice Vicki Garlock
Meditation for Kids
Vicki Garlock By Vicki Garlock LEARNING TO BE STILL “It’s important for all of us to learn to be still… Really
Growing Up Interfaith in Ahmedabad
By Vicki Garlock FIT FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES Reena Ginwala – Photo: Those who work Vicki Garlock
Interfaith's Role in Empowerment
Vicki Garlock by Vicki Garlock Empowerment comes in a dizzying array of forms. It might involve building a water Kids Learning, Kids Teaching Interfaith's Role in Empowerment by Vicki Garlock Empowerment comes Garlock I found this dichotomy interesting, so I turned to my teenaged daughter for input. She’s a smart
Fostering Wisdom in Children (and the Rest of Us)
Vicki Garlock With the Head and the Heart Fostering Wisdom in Children (and the Rest of Us) By Vicki Garlock Some by Vicki Garlock Some decades ago a friend of mine, a college senior way back then, was attending a
Living Life as an Interfaith Family
It's Easier than you Think Living Life as an Interfaith Family by Vicki Garlock I often tell Vicki Garlock by Vicki Garlock I often tell people that I have the easiest interfaith job in the world because I
Nina Meyerhof – Planting the Seeds of Spiritual Activism
Vicki Garlock Children of the Earth by Vicki Garlock If there is to be a new leadership model for building a
Forging Community Through Fasting
by Vicki Garlock Increasingly, both Muslims and non-Muslims are using Ramadan as a chance to forge Vicki Garlock No More Excuses Forging Community through Fasting by Vicki Garlock “My life is dedicated to
Spiritual Exploring with Kids
Guidelines for Interfaith Adventures Spiritual Exploring with Kids by Vicki Garlock Photo: World Vicki Garlock by Vicki Garlock Kids love to explore. And a quick look at any summer camp guide will support that
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