TIO's Supporting Partners

The Interfaith Observer (TIO) is a free, independent monthly digital publication. More than half its readership comes through cooperative relationships with interfaith projects happy to distribute it. In particular, this includes major interfaith stakeholders whose news, features, and contributions make their way into the journal regularly.

TIO’s Supporting Partners represent interfaith stakeholders who, in a variety of ways, help distribute the publication to their own constituencies.

  • Stakeholders are able to use TIO as a ‘platform’ for their own stories and news, with links noted on TIO’s monthly homepage (containing the month’s table-of-contents).

  • Stakeholder articles that address all interfaith-interested readers, as opposed to their own constituencies, show up as TIO articles on a regular basis.

  • TIO’s Advisory Board and staff stay in connection with leaders and communication officers of major interfaith stakeholders to get better acquainted, share information, and develop collaborative communications strategies.

The Board works to get representation and input from the world’s many religious and spiritual traditions.

In addition to these large stakeholders, TIO is supported and collaborative with numerous religious and interreligious newsletters and communications offices which contribute to getting out the interfaith word each month. Thanks to all!

Click on the logos below to find out more about the wonderful work these organizations do.

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Interfaith Center at the Presidio

Religions for Peace USA

United Religions Initiative


University of Southern California Office of Religious Life

Spirituality and Practice

Convergence on Campus


Interfaith Center of New York


Parliament of the World’s Religions


Spirit Matters