Frederica Helmiere

Frederica Helmiere is a member of the United Religion Initiative’s Global Staff, serving as the Regional Coordinator of the Multiregion community. She has spent the past fifteen years studying and working at the intersection of religion, social justice, and ecology in the U.S. and abroad, seeking to empower people and organizations to work more effectively for social change and peace. Most recently this work has taken the form of teaching and designing courses for undergraduate and graduate students on religion, power and privilege, and global concerns of social and environmental justice at the University of Washington and Seattle University. Frederica holds two masters degrees from a joint-degree program between the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and the Yale Divinity School, and a BA from Dartmouth College in Religion & Environmental studies. She served as an environmental education volunteer with the Peace Corps in the Philippines, and has lived or traveled in 35 countries. Frederica lives in Seattle where she enjoys backpacking, reading fiction, and introducing her two daughters to the wonders of the natural world.