Justine Huxley

Justine Huxley, director, has been with St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in London for nine years. ”It is a tremendous privilege to work here. I am constantly inspired by the dedication and creativity of our team and the amazing range of people we work with and who walk through our doors. I see my role as sensing the conversations that are waiting to happen, bringing people together from diverse backgrounds and ideologies, and allowing new ideas and ways of working to emerge collaboratively.” Justine has a PhD in psychology and a diploma in integrative counseling. Previously she worked as a research and communications consultant. She has been responsible for developing our dialogue methodology, training programs and resources, for building our work with narrative and personal story, and for developing the conflict resilience, conflict coaching, and re-imagining the sacred programs. She brings a wealth of experience in deep listening, facilitation, and working with emergent process.