Zachary Hoover

Zachary Hoover is the executive director of LA Voice, part of the PICO National Network, a coalition of 55 community organizations in 19 states representing over one million families. He holds a Master of Divinity from Harvard and a ministry license in the American Baptist Churches of the USA. Zach has been organizing in PICO for seven years. He has extensive experience in cultivating congregational leadership in diverse religious communities, speaks Spanish fluently, and has co-led national trainings for clergy and professional organizers. The record for organizing campaigns he has led includes winning millions in parks improvements, creating fairer impound policies for immigrant drivers, saving citizens millions each year, increasing access to groceries for low-income residents in food deserts, and bridging gaps between communities often divided by race, class, and freeway. Zach brings his faith, discipline, and commitment to building a powerful, multicultural LA Voice, currently organizing 25 churches, synagogues, and mosques in six city council districts of Los Angeles. Zach is married to Saskia Pallais and lives in Los Angeles.