Michael Jitosho

Michael Jitosho, is a second-generation Japanese American born and raised in southern California. He graduated from University of California, San Diego with a major in biology and is currently an optometry student. In 2013 he received first ordination from the Higashi Honganji, a Jōdo Shinshū Buddhist organization in Kyoto, Japan, and is currently assisting the resident minister at the West Covina Buddhist Temple in California. Jitosho enjoys his involvement with the temple because of the variety of guest speakers and lecture series that add contrast to Jōdo Shinshū. He feels that when guests share their different faiths, they provide one another with an opportunity to think about Jōdo Shinshū in a different light and the chance for discussion, learning things they never thought about before. When Jitosho is not in the university library studying for exams, he enjoy helping at temple fundraisers, yet another way to experience the Dharma with others who also put effort in supporting the temple and its future as a Sangha.