Alejandrino Quispe

Alejandrino M. Quispe is an indigenous Quechua man living in Ayacucho, Peru, in the Andes. He became involved in interfaith work through the United Religions Initiative in 2002 and worked to develop a Cooperation Circle of indigenous people of different faiths in his town. He has been a member of the URI since that time and is now serving as a global trustee for the South American and Caribbean Region. He is a graduate of the University of Peru in anthropology and works with the government there gathering information on remote pueblos such as economic status, health, and crop statistics, as well as other anthropological work. He is currently gathering video on the wisdom of his elders and the environmental damage that Peru is suffering, to post on YouTube. He also grows alfalfa to supplement his living and feed his 100 or so guinea pigs (a main source of protein).