Catriona Robertson

Catriona Robertson convenes the London Boroughs Faiths Network and the London Peace Network. She has been part of the European Network on Religion and Belief from its inception. Born and raised in the highlands of Scotland, Catriona has lived and worked with local community groups in India, the South Pacific, and London, UK. A long time ago she spent a summer in Fresno, California.

Catriona facilitates an inter-convictional women’s group on gender justice and recently chaired the Women and Faith session at the Women of the World Festival. She works on the community coproduction of public services at Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network.

Holding an MA in Psychology from St Andrews University, Catriona’s writing on social justice, intercultural issues, and public policy appears in books, including Together and Different(2008), and journals, including “What did the Moors do for us?” about the Islamic history of Europe, in Arches Quarterly.

She lives in London, UK, with her family and blogs and tweets @multifaith.