Edouard Tétreau

Edouard Tétreau is a French economist specializing in the anticipation and management of financial crises, which he has taught at the leading French business school HEC Paris. As a sell-side financial analyst in the previous decade, he was credited for having predicted the internet stock market crash in Europe(March 16, 2000 Credit Lyonnais Securities note, “take your e-profits before a potential e-crash”), and Jean-Marie Messier’s Vivendi Universal disaster (March 2002).

His first three books, the latest of which was published in China, described the excesses and sheer “madness” (folie financière) of the financial sphere with a particular angle on Wall Street, where he worked for a major financial institution (US$600 billion of assets under management) during the latest 2008 crisis. In the United States, Edouard serves as a trustee of the Washington, D.C.-based think tank, Committee for Economic Development (CED) and a member of the Advisory Board of La Maison Française at Columbia University.

His book, The Rising Tide, (in French, Quand tombera le mur de l’argent) (2015) is based on “Pope Francis economics” and Tétreau’s 2014 briefing to the Vatican about the inherent difficulties in the world’s economy.