Nichola Torbett

Nichola Torbett is the director of Seminary of the Street, a spiritual formation institute fostering communities of recovery and resistance. She previously served as the Director of National Programs for the Network of Spiritual Progressives, an interfaith organization working on the intersection of love, meaning, and politics. Before laying down her corporate fishing rod to follow the NSP to California, she worked as a professional writer and editor in Minnesota and got her political start as Minnesota State Co-Coordinator for Dennis Kucinich’s 2004 presidential campaign. The latter experience convinced her that powerful transformations are possible when activists actually embody, in community, the alternative values they are fighting for.

With degrees from the University of Toledo and Indiana University at Bloomington, Nichola has read widely in cultural studies, theology, social theory, and psychology, but has been most radically shaped by engagement with people who were willing to be real with her.