Daniel Tutt

Daniel Tutt is outreach director of Unity Productions Foundation (UPF), a national media and educational foundation that produces films that seek to build greater understanding between Americans and Muslims. His work seeks to build greater understanding across religious and cultural lines with a particular emphasis on Islam and Muslims. Of the half dozen educational projects he oversees, one of the more exciting ones is called “20,000 Dialogues,” a film-based dialogue initiative using UPF films to create dialogue between Muslim and non-Muslim Americans.

Dan is a Fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a non-partisan think tank providing commentary and analysis on issues relating to Islam and Muslims, a PhD candidate at the European Graduate School, and an advisor for the 9/11 Unity Walk and Religious Freedom U.S.A. His recent publications include essays for Huffington Post Religions and a policy brief for the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding entitled “Malleable Stereotypes: How Media is Improving the Image of American Muslims.”