Daniel Tutt

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Daniel Tutt is an interfaith activist and philosopher. He is associate producer of The Sultan and the Saint, and he led the scholarly development of the story. As a scholar activist, his work addresses Islamophobia and inter-religious dialogue. Daniel is co-editor of a new book entitled, Theologies and Ethics of Justice: New Directions in 21st Century Islamic Thought for IIIT press.

His writing and work has been published in Philosophy Now, The Islamic Monthly, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post and he has essays published in three different books of philosophy. Daniel is professorial lecturer at George Washington University and serves as the director of programs and a producer at Unity Productions Foundation, the filmmaking and educational organization responsible for creating The Sultan and the Saint. At UPF, he has developed and implemented a number of programs, including American Muslims: Facts vs. Fiction, a short film that reached over 10 million people during the 2016 election season, and 20,000 Dialogues, a national interfaith campaign that achieved 20,000 interfaith encounters at the grassroots level.