Liliana Aceves

Liliana Aceves was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Her father was Mexican, and she inherited the love for Mexico from him. She is the oldest of 7. She moved to México when she was ten years old, after living for five years in Birmingham, Michigan, and has not left Mexico ever since. She recieved a degree in tourism from the Autonoma University of Guadalajara and later became a licensed tour guide for Mexico. Her years in tourism have given her the opportunity to share her love and passion for her country, showing people from all over the world the wonderful diversity and culture her country offers.

Liliana is married to Luis Barragan, and they have started a company that is dedicated  to the practice and diffusion of the Holistic Thinking, based on the premise that the human being is an inseparable whole: Body-Mind-Spirit. Her travels continue throughout Mexico, but include not only a beautiful country, but also a deeper understanding of ancient wisdom and how we can use it to better ourselves and the world we live in. She recently published Facing the Mirror (2004), a book about her spiritual journey, how our free will is sacred, and we each have the responsibility to guide our own destiny.