William Barylo

William Baryło, PhD candidate under the supervision of Professor at Nilüfer Göle at the EHESS (School for Higher Studies in the Social Sciences) in Paris, is a filmmaker and project director of “Polish Muslims: An Unexpected Meeting,” a documentary. William’s PhD research degree, “Islam, a motor for active citizenship?,” tries to understand the process and dynamics of volunteers’ commitment to charities. It focuses on the roles of faith, spirituality, and the perception of citizenship among volunteers in charities based on Islamic ethics in France and Poland. Barylo also piloted a photographic documentary about the Bushinengue people of French Guiana (2008) and won the Défi Jeunes contest of the French Ministry of Youth and Sports for this initiative. Currently, William works as a research assistant at The Cordoba Foundation in London and is head of the Light Inc. charity, setting up regular multicultural ethnographic workshops for young people in London: “Workshops of the Expanded Book.”