Elías González

Elías González studied philosophy and social sciences at ITESO and is currently doing his thesis, titled “Encuentro, re-ligación y diálogo. Reflexiones hacia un diálogo inter-re-ligioso” (“Meeting, Religion, and Dialogue: Reflections for an Interreligious Dialogue”) where he approaches the interreligious dialogue as a religious act. He collaborates with Carpe Diem Interfaith Foundation and its program, the Universal Multicultural Dialogue. He is the creator and coordinator of the “Microdiálogos” for Carpe Diem.

Elías or “Elahas,” as his friends call him, has participated in various interreligious events and rituals and has coordinated spirituals retreats and interfaith ceremonies. He has been involved in dialogue with Buddhists, Hindus, and Shamans. Elías studied Latin-American philosophy in Ecuador, and he worked in Cusco, Peru as a shaman assistant in Ayahuasca ceremonies. He has lived in spiritual communities like Janaj Pacha in Bolivia and worked with indigenous people in Rarámuri, Wixárrika, Shipibo and Quechua communities. He has written for various magazines and been a speaker at interreligious conferences.