Rev. Claire Goodman

Rev. Claire Goodman OUnI grew up in an interfaith (Christian and Jewish) but non-observant family in wonderfully diverse New York City.  Her parents left her on my own to explore and over the years she found her way to every cultural and faith community within walking distance of her home: Episcopal, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Quaker, and more! She first became involved in a faith community at age 13 at one of the oldest Quaker meetings in the country. It was there that she took her very first Yoga class which eventually led her to Integral Yoga, a synthesis of many of the world’s great faith traditions, emphasizing that “Truth is One, Paths are Many.”

Goodman received her undergraduate degree in 1981 in Cultural Anthropology and Religious Studies at UC Santa Barbara, and although she loved her studies, she found she was more attracted to a heart-centered, practical approach than an academic one.

In 1999 Goodman completed Life Coach training and was blessed to find her way to One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, a 2-year program of study in New York City leading to ordination as an Interfaith Minister. Seminary curriculum provided a firm knowledge base in ancient and contemporary faith traditions and spiritual paths and their practices as well as ongoing experience of practical ministry. Through a workshop elective she discovered the wonderful world of creating beautiful, heartfelt wedding ceremonies for couples from varied backgrounds, and that set her on the path to the wonderful work she does now. In 2013 Goodman was privileged to be co-ordained by the Order of Universal Interfaith (OUnI) and in March 2014 she co-hosted the Big I Conference for Inclusive Theology, Spirituality and Consciousness in Phoenix.