Patricia Adams Farmer

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Patricia Adams Farmer is a process theologian, writer, speaker, and progressive minister. She is a regular contributor to Spirituality & Practice and Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism. After living five years in Ecuador (2011-2015), observing their ecological model for sustainability, she began focusing her writing/storytelling around themes of eco-theology and multi-faith expressions of spirituality. She is co-founder of Fat Soul International, a spontaneous movement of creative individuals and small groups of musicians, writers, and interfaith activists around the world who, in these times of unrest and change, seek to “widen out in love” rather than “shrink back in fear.” She is the author and co-author of several books including Embracing a Beautiful God, Fat Soul: A Philosophy of S-I-Z-E, and Replanting Ourselves in Beauty.  Join her at the Fat Soul Café on Facebook! You can learn more about her work and contact her at