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International Conference on Transforming Conflict: Sharing Tools for Cross-Cultural Dialogue

A TIO Report

July 21-24, 2011 ~ Amman, Jordan

At a time of unprecedented transformation in the Middle East

A Report compiled by Terry Weller

This Multi-disciplinary, Multi-cultural Conference was designed to empower the individual in society with effective, collaborative skills in dialogue, interpersonal communication, decision making, teamwork, leadership, negotiation, problem solving, mediation, conflict transformation, and sustainable reconciliation.

An international pool of more than 40 expert presenters and facilitators representing leading training institutes around the world came together in Jordan for a unique, historical opportunity to be part of launching the first in an ongoing series of capacity building conferences making a difference in the Middle East - today.

They brought about four days of engaged dialogue. The group offered training in proven, effective models and methods that are creative, innovative, inclusive, collaborative, practical, and culturally adaptive. The models were intended to equip the current and next generation in building capacity for proactive citizen leadership, constructive relationships, and a culture of peace. 

By design, and in cooperation with the National Agenda for reform of the Jordanian government, the 1st Conference on Transforming Conflict (TC) was a practical conference oriented toward direct engagement by participants, with prepared presentations (workshops, topical panels, and keynotes) providing specific learning and stimulus for processing in facilitated dialogue groups woven throughout each day. 

Sponsored by:

Common Bond Institute (US), Youth Beyond Borders (Jordan), International Humanistic Psychology Association

Endorsed and Supported by:

King Abdullah II, the Jordanian Government, 

and over 100 universities and organizations internationally