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Looking Back at TIO’s First Year

A TIO Editorial

Gratitude is the word underlining The Interfaith Observer’s first year. Dozens of people have gone out of their way since January 2011, when TIO was no more than a dream, to make TIO a unique publication systematically exploring a set of issues critical to humankind’s future.

An initial $20,000 donation allowed us to start TIO. Volunteer support has allowed us to keep bills at a minimum, and we’re entering 2012 with nearly half that original amount still in the bank. In that time…

  • The Interfaith Peace Project of Antioch, California, volunteered to serve as TIO’s fiscal sponsor, so gifts to IPP/TIO are now tax deductible.

  • Eighty-eight seasoned interfaith activists, academics, and young adult leaders have joined the TIO Team, an advisory board. All have contributed and 50 have written TIO stories.

  • An editorial board was assembled to oversee TIO’s development.

  • A beautiful logo and website were created through the generosity of Anna Arphan, an internet graphics designer in Las Vegas.

  • TIO’s first three issues have been posted and can be found at TIO’s website. This December issue is the first without a particular theme, allowing one-of-a-kind stories that wouldn’t fit elsewhere. Next month’s theme – “Meaning Making.”

  • Eight hundred subscriptions have been received to date.

  • Plans for interns in 2012 are going forward.

Since starting publication in September, our monthly ‘burn rate’ is under $1000. We want to stay lean. We also hope TIO will become self-supporting. Our goal now is to raise $10,000, the amount spent last year, to keep the account flush in 2012 and to develop wider awareness and readership. Thank you for considering a gift.

Tax-deductible donations can be made out to The Interfaith Peace Project, with TIO on the memo line, and mailed to The Interfaith Peace Project, 640 Bailey Road #301, Pittsburg, CA 94565.

Thank you!