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Looking Back at TIO’s First Year

By Paul Chaffee

Gratitude is the word underlining The Interfaith Observer’s first year. Dozens of people have gone out of their way since January 2011, when TIO was no more than a dream, to make TIO a unique publication systematically exploring a set of issues critical to humankind’s future.

An initial $20,000 donation allowed us to start TIO. Volunteer support has allowed us to keep bills at a minimum, and we’re entering 2012 with nearly half that original amount still in the bank. In that time…

  • The Interfaith Peace Project of Antioch, California, volunteered to serve as TIO’s fiscal sponsor, so gifts to IPP/TIO are now tax deductible.

  • Eighty-eight seasoned interfaith activists, academics, and young adult leaders have joined the TIO Team, an advisory board. All have contributed and 50 have written TIO stories.

  • An editorial board was assembled to oversee TIO’s development.

  • A beautiful logo and website were created through the generosity of Anna Arphan, an internet graphics designer in Las Vegas.

  • TIO’s first three issues have been posted and can be found at TIO’s website. This December issue is the first without a particular theme, allowing one-of-a-kind stories that wouldn’t fit elsewhere. Next month’s theme – “Meaning Making.”

  • Eight hundred subscriptions have been received to date.

  • Plans for interns in 2012 are going forward.

Since starting publication in September, our monthly ‘burn rate’ is under $1000. We want to stay lean. We also hope TIO will become self-supporting. Our goal now is to raise $10,000, the amount spent last year, to keep the account flush in 2012 and to develop wider awareness and readership. Thank you for considering a gift.

Tax-deductible donations can be made out to The Interfaith Peace Project, with TIO on the memo line, and mailed to The Interfaith Peace Project, 640 Bailey Road #301, Pittsburg, CA 94565.

Thank you!