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Interfaith Caravan Treks through BC’s Historic Interior Town on a Journey of Peace

Acharya S.P. Dwivedi, The Link, October 21, 2012


On the Dempster Highway in Canada’s Yukon

On the Dempster Highway in Canada’s Yukon

When Rizwan Peerzada of the Ahmidya Community of BC approached me to participate as a speaker in the World Religious Conferences in Yukon and Inuvik then I happily agreed. The Ahmidya Community has been organizing interfaith conferences, quite often, to promote peace of Islam and harmony among diverse faith communities. Their motto is – “Love for all and hatred for none.” The members of this community not only talk about peace but practice it religiously.

I was quite curious to see and meet with new people in remote cities of the Western Canada. Most importantly, for the first time, the Hindu message of non-violence, compassion, love and harmony was going to be promoted in Yukon and North West Territory. It was my first trip to Northwest Territories…

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