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What Light Can Do for Life

A TIO Editorial

On any given day you can make a strong case for feeling bad – the recession, lying politicians, street violence, war, climate change, corruption, starters on a list that goes on and on. The miracle of life, though, is that even in dark times the sources of light insist on themselves like flowers blooming in spring. Sometimes sunshine rules, and we forget the pain and difficulties, captivated by what light can do for life. 

TIO this month is full of ‘the light,’ good news that is, if not necessarily easy news. The title of Mirabai Starr’s “Love in a Time of War” resonates throughout the issue. The ‘love’ in these stories gets channeled all sorts of ways – for gender equity, an end to demonization, better care of the Earth and its creatures, the dignity of every human being, imaginative ways to cut through prejudice and dissolve conflict and nurture your own spirit … love’s full agenda is a match for any bad-news list. 

The inspiration these stories generate comes from fearless folk who have taken on love’s challenge over and over in all manner of situations. It’s enough to make you celebrate and be thankful for so many sources of light in this season of light! 

May these holy days and the year to come be full of blessing for you and your loved ones.