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“What Do You Believe?” – Teens Weigh In


Sarah Feinbloom’s award-winning “What Do You Believe?” is a one-hour interfaith video that gives voice to a new interracial, interethnic, interreligious generation. Twenty teenagers talk about God, faith, prayer, death, and their own religious experiences. Five of them, coming from American Indian, Buddhist, Catholic-Jewish, Muslim, and Wiccan backgrounds, share their lives and spiritual formation in detail.

The five central contributors to “What Do You Believe?”

Adult voices never intrude. Coming from all manner of religious backgrounds, the young people speak openly, from the heart. Though produced nine years ago, the film is as alive and vibrant in 2012 as when it first came out.

Sarah Feinbloom fell into filmmaking almost accidently when her fellow teachers in Boston’s Roxbury district watched her film her students and encouraged her to become a director. “What Do You Believe?” comes with a curriculum you can download at the film’s website. (You can also see a two-minute trailer.) Compelling and highly recommended for young adults and for their elders, who may have underestimated the spiritual curiosity and wisdom of teenagers.