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June 2012 Resources

Commentaries on the Golden Rule Available

Scarboro Missions is proud to announce the publication of these Golden Rule commentaries which can be downloaded free of charge from our site. We know you will find these to be of tremendous educational value in your work.


Researchers have discovered hundreds of expressions of the Golden Rule – from ancient and modern sources as well as from religious and non-religious sources. Research efforts have also uncovered numerous commentaries on the Golden Rule from well-known individuals in a number of fields.

A number of these commentaries are presented in this compilation. Featured here are scientists, philosophers, politicians, writers, business people, religious leaders, companies, organizations and others.

Access to the commentaries is free, and you are encouraged to download and use them wherever you can.

Milestones in Recent Catholic-Jewish Relations Documented

Sister Lucy Thorson has compiled a document that chronicles, on a year-by-year basis, the dramatic advances in Catholic-Jewish dialogue since the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s. This detailed profile of significant changes and developments in Catholic-Jewish relations is useful to teachers, students, researchers, historians, and interfaith practitioners.

The document can be downloaded free of charge and is available in English, French and Hebrew.