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Rachel Bregman, Reformed Judaism

From Religions for Peace USA


Continuing the Religions for Peace USA series on youth voices in religious communities, this month Rachel Bregman is featured, a representative of the Reformed Jewish community at the North American Interfaith Youth Network.

Rachel explains how she came to appreciate the depth of her religious tradition, how Reformed Judaism grounds her worldview, and what she would urge on religious leaders at the IXth World Assembly of Religions for Peace in Vienna this November:

“Reformed Judaism teaches choice through knowledge. And if I had the floor of the World Assembly, I would ask the religious leaders to continue to push us to think in faith-based ways and to use that thought to compel us to action. I think as a global community, we are extraordinary thinkers; we are very smart people. But we don’t always use that thought to bring us out into the world, to make the world so much better than it is.”

Check out the rest of Rabbi Bregman’s interview on the video:

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