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Religions for Peace USA to Co-sponsor 9/11 Unity Walk: NYC


Upcoming Event

As the anniversary of the September 11 attacks comes nearer, Religions for Peace USA and the 9/11 Unity Walk organization are collaborating again to hold the annual 9/11 Unity Walk: NYC. This year the walk will take place on September 8. More details on the route of the walk, as well as honored guests, will be announced via the Religions for Peace USA website. Sign up for the mailing list here.

The 9/11 Unity Walk is a chance for people of faith and goodwill of New York City to take the remembrance of a cataclysmic time and uplift the unity that was exhibited throughout the city during those tragic events. The 9/11 Unity Walk is an event that strives to involve members of our mutual religious communities in this building up of understanding and cooperation between religious traditions and faiths. The Unity Walks have occurred for many years in Washington D.C, New York City, and other U.S. communities.

Collective, collaborative action among people of diverse faiths is one of the strongest avenues for humans to reflect and be reminded of our common commitments and responsibilities. With the anniversary of 9/11, we have a unique opportunity to remind ourselves and educate future generations about our shared values as people of faith and goodwill.