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Principled Pluralism and the Inclusive America Project

Next Religions for Peace USA Webinar

from Religions for Peace USA

Dr. Heidi Hasdell and Rev. Paul Raushenbush

Thursday, September 18th, 3:00 PM ET

For many, the interfaith movement holds import for the economic, social, and political health of our communities. Religious pluralism and peace is an accomplishment that will be realized through cultural, political, and economic cooperation. Religions for Peace USA recognizes that in order to realize a truly inclusive USA we have to begin to think about how the interfaith movement affects and requires cooperation between various sectors that have previously been separated and treated in isolation.

Religions for Peace USA and the Aspen Institute are happy to announce that the fourth RFPUSA Webinar will include Dr. Heidi Hasdell, President of Hartford Seminary, and Rev. Paul Raushenbush, Senior Religion Editor of the Huffington Post. It is facilitated by Mr. Joseph DeMott of the Aspen Institute’s Inclusive America Project. This Webinar is scheduled for Thursday, September 18, at 3:00 PM ET. Specifically, the Webinar will address the Aspen Institute’s Principled Pluralism report.

Please RSVP to join the webinar here.

The Inclusive America project focuses on key areas in the interfaith movement: youth development organizations, higher education, media, religiously affiliated organizations, and governmental organizations. This webinar seeks to incorporate the extensive experience and knowledge of Dr. Heidi Hasdell and Rev. Paul Raushenbush on the challenges facing the interfaith movement today. Please tune in on Thursday, September 18th, at 3:00 PM ET.

Ed. (March 2017):Watch the webinar here