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My Neighbor’s Faith: Stories of Interreligious Encounter, Growth, and Transformation

From Religions for Peace USA


Every day in the United States, people of different religious beliefs and practices encounter one another in a myriad of settings. How has this diverse reality affected the way we understand the religious “other,” ourselves, and God? Is it possible that people of different faiths can live together with mutual respect, even work together to create a more just and compassionate world?

My Neighbor’s Faith gathers an array of inspiring true stories by community leaders, scholars, public intellectuals, and activists and their interfaith encounters. With wisdom, wit, courage, and humility, these writers from a range of religious backgrounds – including Rabbi Michael Learner, Duke University chaplain Abdullah Antepli, Sikh film-maker Valarie Kaur, activist Brian D. McLaren, and HuffPo religion editor Paul Raushenbush – share their life-altering experiences of crossing religious borders and the lessons they learned.

Editors Jennifer Howe Peace, Rabbi Or Rose, and Gregory Mobley are co-founders of CIRCLE: The Center for Inter-Religious and Communal Leadership Education, a joint venture of Hebrew College and Andover Newton Theological School,

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TIO reviewed My Neighbor’s Faith in April 2012.