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The Horizons of Interfaith Peacebuilding: Communicating its Challenges and Opportunities

From Religions for Peace USA


A webinar with Jim Winklers and Cherilyn Crowe – Hosted by Aaron Stauffer

Sponsors: Religions for Peace USA & Religion Communicators Council

June 19 Webinar, 3 pm ET – Register Here!

At its inception, Religions for Peace envisioned all religions working for peace and justice. Today, the interfaith movement has carried this initial vision into a movement with greater reach and public impact. Starting with Religions for Peace’s World Conference in Vienna that gathered over 600 religious leaders, to activists and organizations receiving thousands of ‘shares’ and re-tweets on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, the movement is maturing into a collection of impressive interfaith organizations with definite clout.

As we engage with 'the religious other' around pressing social issues, what are the hurdles we have to cross in order to work most effectively together? And how do we address these challenges?

Religions for Peace USA and the Religion Communicators Council are happy to co-host a webinar with National Council of Churchs (NCCUSA) General Secretary Jim Winkler and Cherilyn Crowe of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty on June 19th at 3 pm ET.

This webinar precisely addresses these questions above: namely, the horizons of peacebuilding efforts in the interfaith movement as perceived by the Christian ecumenical bodies, and the importance and art of communicating and managing this task. Mr. Winkler will survey highlights from the NCCUSA Christian Unity Gathering, and Ms. Crowe will talk about how the Baptist Joint Committee communicates its work defending religious liberty for all people and partnering with a wide range of organizations.

The NCCUSA is a premier ecumenical organization with over 45 million members. Currently it is focusing on interreligious relations with a focus on peace and mass incarceration. These topics surfaced in NCCUSA’s Inaugural Christian Unity Gathering at the Hilton Washington Dulles in Herndon, Virginia, May 18-20. Jim Winkler shared his thoughts regarding the state of the organization and his new leadership, and the event featured group discussions and input from leaders at the forefront of ecumenism.

Cherilyn Crowe will speak about the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. She is currently director of communications and the organizer of the D.C. chapter of the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) meetings. Another organization at the forefront of interfaith work, the Committee uses its deep and prestigious Baptist heritage to reinforce religious liberty for all. From its assertion of the first amendment to the emphasis on separation of church and state, this Washington, D.C. based group’s influence on preservation of American ideals is undeniable.

The panelists plan to delve into the important “Challenges and Opportunities of Interfaith Peacebuilding,” but communication will be a main topic. This webinar builds on the last Religions for Peace USA and Religion Communicators Council webinar, which featured innovative Social Media Strategies with Linda Sarsour and which can be found here. Strategies, partnerships, and innovative possibilities will be discussed hand-in hand with limitations that interfaith organizations need to overcome.

Importantly, this webinar serves as a re-assertion of interfaith partnerships and a desire for deeper connections amongst and between faith groups in this country. Stay tuned for a deeply informative discussion. See the flyer above and learn more here.

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Ed. (February 2016): Watch the webinar here.