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Funding TIO’s Fifth Year

Dear TIO Reader,

As The Interfaith Observer began its fifth year in September, we are happy to announce that TIO readership has more than doubled this year.

TIO is the only independent interfaith-focused news and opinion journal on the Web. 

TIO writers and editors are not paid, but hard costs have to be met to keep the enterprise moving forward. If every reader gave $5, we’d be over the moon and have funds to do outreach and more ambitious projects. Since that won’t happen, I am asking you to contribute $10, or more, for yourself and those who can’t afford to help. A special thank-you if you can afford more. We promise your funds will go toward walking humankind into an interfaith-friendly world.

Please let us hear from you for your tax-free (in the U.S.) contribution soon.

Just click on the donation icon below.

Or write a check to The Interfaith Peace Project, with TIO on the memo line, and mail it to TIO, 2107 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94109.

On behalf of TIO – thank you! On behalf of people yearning for interfaith peace – thank you! May your generosity return to you many fold in relationships that turn ‘the other’ into good friends.

In peace,

Paul Chaffee