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TIO Welcomes GTU as a New Partner

By Paul Chaffee


Dear Students, Faculty, Graduates, and Friends of Graduate Theological Union,

It is with joy that TIO welcomes you to the readership of The Interfaith Observer (TIO) through Crossroads, a special GTU edition of TIO, an independent monthly internet journal about all things interfaith that now goes to more than 12,000 faith and interfaith leaders.

Two factors inspired TIO’s launch on September 15, 2011. We were responding to the spontaneous grassroots interfaith activities the world over. And second, it was and remains stunning to see how little most interfaith activists know about each other, and how much we stand to profit and be empowered by meeting each other and getting connected around issues we care about. More than 300 scholars, activists, and students from dozens of traditions have contributed articles these first four years.  Maybe you too?

Getting Published in TIO

TIO articles focus on exploring interreligious relations and interfaith culture, including intrafaith issues. Aimed at the general reader, TIO stories are often written conversationally, with lots of links. Most articles are 800-1200 words, with some creeping up to 1500. We welcome you to submit article ideas, either to the Andrew Kille, GTU Special Edition editor, at revdak@interfaithspace.org; or me, at info@theinterfaithobserver.org. Please submit story proposals and something about yourself before sending manuscripts.

Though we publish stand-alone features, you’ll have a better chance seeing your story published if it relates to one of the themes TIO has each month (except for summer months). Upcoming themes starting this fall include: interreligious education (K through post-grad); world development and religion; new religious movements; good-news interfaith stories (in December, since we hear so much bad news all year); religious freedeom; food, faith, and practice; multiple religious identity; and proselytizing. (No themes featurd in June or July, and no posting in August.) 

Andrew Kille, Crossroads Editor

Andrew Kille, Crossroads Editor

Rev. Dr. Andrew Kille, Editor of Crossroads

Crossroads will bring you the full edition of TIO each month (emailed around the 15th), but it will come with GTU news as well. At the top of the Crossroads post each month you’ll find a window featuring titles of GTU stories and editorials, announcements, and links to GTU’s homesite. Andrew Kille will edit this GTU page each month.

Andy, who did his MDiv at ABSW and PhD at GTU, is an American Baptist clergyman in San Jose. Over 40 years he has become the Bay Area’s preeminent interfaith communications activist. He edits several interfaith newsletters that go to thousands, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was a moving force in creating the Silicon Valley Interreligious Council.

The goal of TIO is to stir up interest and engagement with the critical issues humankind faces. We’re convinced that our survival depends on growing a healthy interfaith culture that values all traditions and all individuals. If you share that passion, welcome aboard!

In peace and love,

Paul Chaffee, Editor, The Interfaith Observer (TIO)