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The Faceted Gem of Wisdom

With Courage and Gentleness 

The Faceted Gem of Wisdom

by Shaikh Kabir Helminski

The Generous Source of our being

has brought us to this world

and has given us intelligence, insight, compassion,

and the possibility to discern:


the subjective perspective from the objective,

appearances from reality,

beginnings from endings,

the transient from the enduring.


The wisdom of discerning the subjective from the objective

is to remember what I see through my eyes is only one perspective

and that we can strive to attain the Divine glance of impartiality

that allows us to see with justice and mercy.


The Wisdom of discerning appearances from reality

is to remember that appearance is not reality.

By self-interest we may be deceived

unless we sincerely seek the real.


The wisdom of the discerning the beginning from the end

is to see the end reflected in the beginning

as clearly as in a mirror,

while for the ignorant the beginning is as opaque as a stone.


The Wisdom of knowing the transient from the enduring

is to remember that whatever is built in this world is expensive to maintain.

Its roof and walls will inevitably crumble, and

whatever was precious will be stripped away.


And so we place trust in the Timeless and Unchanging Beloved.

Joy is to rejoice in that Beloved

whom you rush toward in your greatest Love,

the One for whom you would leave everything else.


The Wisdom of Divine Mercy

is to know that the Divine Beloved is seeking you,

even more than you could ever seek the Divine.

With this wisdom be sincere in seeking the Divine.


With this wisdom respond to all anger, jealousy, and hatred

directed towards you with love and forgiveness.

Transform the negativity and sorrow of the world

into joy and courage.


With this wisdom practice healthy boundaries

and do not let yourself be coerced

by those who seek to manipulate and control you.

Submission is from the inner to the Innermost.


The Presence of the Beloved

is the sanctuary, altar, and niche of the hearts of initiates.

Make that Presence your stability and certitude,

your vehicle, your way, and your home.


So that when from Presence we descend

to the earth of changing fortunes

and to the garden of sacred responsibilities,

we remember this life is not an end in itself,


this world of appearances is not our permanent home,

and so we enter it not with heedlessness or grasping,

but with humility and authority,

with courage and gentleness. 


In this world may we sit upon the carpet of Intimacy,

aware of the continual conversation,

the reciprocal friendship, confrontation,

and disclosure of the Friend.


That Friendship will free us

from self-importance, from unreal claims,

from preoccupation with desires,

and from dependence on the unreal.


Beloved you have created everything with the Truth.

So let me enter whatever I enter with the Truth,

And make my going forth with the Truth.

Whoever begins with Truth, ends with Truth.


Strengthen us with the authority of this Truth,

help and guide us, or others through us.

Help us conform ourselves to this Truth,

as a well-polished mirror reflects what is before it.