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A Letter to Myself Seven Generations Into Our Future

A Message for Our Time

A Letter to Myself Seven Generations Into Our Future 

by Ta'Kaiya Blaney 

Thank you,
I channel this thanks from the deepest trench of gratitude I can muster:
For we have done it.

The Earth Revolutions, the movements against war, for education, to prioritize
the might of the pen, the endless persistence for equality, on the many
diverse levels of injustice, the movements to demolish the barrier of colonialism
on culture, the occupy, the Idle no more's:
We have done it, we have won it.

We have realized the strength of our global community bound by the pure
passion to create equality and end injustice through recognizing our common
To heal,
To heal,
And heal we did,
Thank you,
for bravery and strength in the face of the endless adversities of oil, gas,
and greed,
Thank you for ending injustice, and not finishing far from the finish line, due
to frustration, hopelessness, and that sinking, depressing feeling, that catastrophe
was inevitable.
For we have exceeded that finish line that was a symbol of peace from the
war waged on women, children, and fathers, peace from the war waged on
mother earth

For I remember,
I can see clearly, through the sentimental veil of childhood memories: the
voices of my elders that taught me about a land that no longer is land, water
that no longer runs clear and cleansing, and a lifestyle that, despite
never living, my soul would ache for, long for, with every piece of my heart.
I remember,

I remember hearing those hopeless cries of compassionate and loving individuals
keen on restoring the sanctity of water and mother earth, who's
voices did not carry,

I remember the actions and rallies, meetings and conferences that
amounted to nothing, I remember disbelief and doubt that anything was to
amount to anything  
I know the struggle and the pain,
I remember,

I remember what must not be forgotten,
That the human race is a dynamic of diversity only connected by those
common feelings of compassion and the never satisfied need to progress,
evolve or enhance what is there
We recognize beauty, love, unity and all that is sacred.

So Thank You,
For combining compassion with the need to change to finish a movement
that has not only overcome the hardship, but healed our global wounds
Thank you,
Thank you,
For the debris polluting our ocean is gone, Indigenous cultures are reconnected
to the roots that bind traditions with environment, the Tar Sands are
no more, the name of greed and oil extraction no longer governs the decisions
made by our leaders, for our well being.
Thank you!

For in the end we gathered in prayer around one fire
We amplified our common message and outcome through a global microphone,
made of the millions that voiced the same truth
In the end our need for change unified and organized us all together in a
global community.

In the end, it did not matter who you were, your race, religion, or wealth, for
we all drank the same water that comes from one worldwide well, that;
In the end, was recognized as sacred
In the end we trailblazer our future, and
In the end we created a new beginning
It started with healing our water, earth, and ourselves. It began with restoring
the sanctity of water.

This article was originally published by Ta’Kaiya Blaney for World Water Day in 2015.