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Best of TIO Videos 2017

Tapping into the inspirational potential of film

Best of TIO Videos 2017

by Megan Anderson 

Recognizing the power of video to tell stories in a way that resonates deep within us, over the course of this past year TIO has made a point of including videos in our articles whenever possible and featuring videos we thought were especially powerful on the homepage of each issue. Below you will find our top picks from 2017. They cover the prayerful to the prophetic; they call us to reflect and to take action. Their messages are pertinent to the situations today and contain lessons each of us can learn from. So kick back and prepare to be inspired, challenged, and have your thoughts provoked.

Terra Madre 

The 2nd Indigenous Terra Madre in its local avatar International Mei-Ramew was successfully held in Shillong from the 3rd -7th November, 2015. The event saw a gathering of indigenous people from 60 countries from all over the world. This powerful video tells more of the Terra Madre story and they way it inspired those who attended. It conveys what slow food means and why it is important. In a culture of “now,” a mentality that is sucking the nutrients our of both or food and soil, we would do well to take heed of their message

American Muslims: Fact vs. Fiction 

Based on scientific research, this short video provides answers to the most frequent questions Americans ask about their Muslim neighbors. It dispels many of the common myths and stereotypes American Muslims are subject to and reminds us to check our assumptions and talk to Muslims before jumping to conclusions. This video acquires extra importance in a political climate where anti-Muslim sentiments have reached an all-time high.

Maori Creation Story in Sand Art

This video is an incredible show of talent. Marcus Winter is an indigenous artist of New Zealand, and the only “performance painter” of his kind in Australia and the Pacific. According to the Maori, in the beginning was emptiness. Within this emptiness two Gods appeared: one male named Ranginui (Rangi for short), god of the sky, and one female named Papatuanuku (Papa for short), god of the earth. They came together and birthed six children in the small space between them. Realizing that they wouldn’t be able to live if the space remained as small as it was, the children try to force their parents apart. Watch the video to find out how the story ends.

Jamil Khoury’s The Balancing Arab

 Jamil Khoury's “The Balancing Arab” tells the story of an Irish American personal fitness trainer, and her Arab American client. Set in a downtown Chicago gym during a training session, it explores the tensions that exist within and between political cultures, the challenge of looking beyond our own context, and witnesses to the reality Arab Americans face of constantly having to prove their patriotism. 

Valarie Kaur: Breath and Push Against Racism 

“Black bodies are still seen as criminal; brown bodies are still seen as illegal; trans bodies are still seen as immoral; indigenous bodies are still seen as savage; the bodies of women and girls still seen as someone else’s property. When we see these bodies not as brothers and sisters, then it becomes easier to bully them, to rape them, to allow policies that neglect them, that incarcerate them, that kill them.” Valarie is a powerful speaker, and the way the text of her words is displayed during her speech makes it all the more powerful. Check out the Revolutionary Love Project for an update on her current activist initiatives.

Five Children from Five Faiths 

Five children, five religions, (almost) five minutes. It is nearly impossible not to be touched by this video. It captures the ordinary tasks of everyday life and the profound nature of ritual and prayer, the chaos and stresses we face, and the remarkable peace that simple actions can bring. The deep spirituality so evident in these children beckons us to reflect on our own understanding of spirituality.

Oren Lyons – “We are Part of the Earth”  

In a time when the consequences of longstanding destructive and careless attitudes toward the environment are becoming increasingly evident, this is a message we can all take to heart. With the quality and skill of a master storyteller, Oren Lyons recounts an experience with his uncle after just having graduated from Syracuse University. I won’t ruin the story but will say it caused me to think about who I really am and the roots of wisdom.