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Interfaith Skillsets

Nicholas Hayes – What Defines a Millennial Interfaith Leader

Michael Hayes of Criterian Institute is the second young leader interviewed in this three-part series with Millennial leaders in the interfaith movement. To see the first, with Jen Bailey of Faith Matters Network, click here.

Paul McKenna’s Guidelines for a Multifaith Prayer Service

A Review

Sustainability and the Sacred

Something Essential to Be Remembered

The Mosque Cares’s Ramadan Sessions as Communal Education

What follows is a brief program description from The Mosque Cares, one of RFPUSA’s religious communities. The program is designed to instill a sense of community identity while ministering to its neighborhood. This is the first in a series portraying activities of religious communities that are members of RFPUSA.

How to Develop Spiritual Friendship

Last spring semester I mentioned Spiritual Friendship in a course I was teaching on spirituality. One of the students shared with me that he had never heard the term. He was intrigued with the concept — it seemed to describe one of his relationships.

Camp Anytown – the Details and the Results

Camp Anytown is a nationally recognized, 50-year-old award-winning training program for youth focusing on leadership skills, human relations, and diversity. The goal of Camp Anytown Las Vegas is to create communities based on inclusivity, respect, and understanding through youth leadership and empowerment. This year our Spring camp is being held April 26-28.