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Community Organizing for the Earth

Community Organizing for the Earth

by Estrella Sainburg

For longer than I can remember, and for reasons at the heart of my being, I have loved and cared about the natural world. Earth is precious, sacred, and beautiful; home to you and me.

Kids Going Green with God

Kids Going Green with God

by Vicki Garlock

Ever wondered if the Bible teaches care for God’s creation? Betsy LaVela and her GreenFaith Kids curriculum offer a resounding, convincing “Yes!”

Climate and the People: September 19-23, New York City

Sunday, September 21, 2014, the UN International Day of Peace. The sky was clear, the sun shining, and the air was vibrating with excitement. You could sense an unmistakable whiff of history-in-the-making. Soon mid-town Manhattan would become a rolling wave of humanity, a moving festival of people of every age, race, ethnicity, nationality, and belief. Most wore casual attire, some religious garb, and others chose colorful costumes and body paint. An impressive assortment of headgear showed up as well: hijabs, turbans, kippas, garlands, feathers, panama hats, and baseball caps.

September 17 Religions for Peace USA Climate Event in NYC

If you read the reports on the impact of Climate Change, which – science aside – are bewildering enough, you might have come across a couple of repeated points. Let’s try and boil some of them down to plain language:

Gearing Up to Fight Climate Change with Fletcher Harper

A Religions for Peace USA Webinar with GreenFaith

Five Interfaith Resources to Make 2013 a Green Year!

Happy New Year! While everyone is still thinking about New Year’s resolutions, why not consider making 2013 the year you reduced your carbon footprint and helped the community at large by planting a sustainable vegetable garden.

Consultation for U.N. by The Interfaith Consortium for Ecological Civilization

On October 19, the Temple of Understanding in New York City brought together leaders of international interfaith organizations and other eminent visionaries. Their mandate was to form an advisory council for the Interfaith Consortium for an Ecological Civilization (ICEC), a new committee developed by the Temple of Understanding and other organizations in connection with the United Nations Environment Programme.