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Los Angeles

Reimagining Religion: The 10 Qualities of Creative Communities

Reimagining Religion: The 10 Qualities of Creative Communities

by Brie Loskota

We are in a period of flux, a period of rapid and continuous change, where the old order is being torn down, where people are disaffiliating from groups, and where institutional life is being stressed and stretched.

True Grit: A Profile of Marium Mohuiddin

True Grit: A Profile of Marium Mohuiddin

by Ruth Broyde Sharone

You can understand the power of one individual to make a difference when you meet 39 year-old Marium Mohuiddin – feisty, independent, and articulate – proud to be a Muslim and not afraid to take on the big issues of our times.

A Mystic Vision with a Social Conscience

Marianne Williamson – A Profile

SoCal Parliament of Religions Celebrates Latino Diversity

As noted in TIO last month, the third annual World Interfaith Harmony Week found life in thousands of settings around the world. The Southern California Parliament of Religions (or, more formally, SCCPRW, the Southern California Com

Listening and Achieving the Impossible Dream

Can Jews and Muslims actually get along? For the average American, plagued by widespread misinformation and skewed biases from the media, this might seem nearly impossible. In light of the ubiquitous news of conflict in the Middle East, coexistence between these two faith traditions is often perceived as a lost cause. However, here in the Southern California an number of Jewish and Muslim communities are working in harmony towards peace and understanding.

What’s Right with this Picture?

About 91 percent of the 37,000 residents of the city of Bell in California are Latino, primarily Catholic. Ali Saleh, of Lebanese ancestry, was elected as Bell’s mayor last year, and he is Muslim.

The Power of Interfaith-Based Community Organizing

“Community Organizing” made it into national news when Barack Obama’s work history was vetted in 2008. Though the pundits made quick judgments, precious few know about the scope and power that interfaith-based community organizing generates in America today. PICO National Network is one of the largest players. It was founded in 1972 as a regional training institute to help support neighborhood organizations in California through an interfaith congregation-community approach. Rather than bring people together around particular issues such as housing or education, one model, this broad-based approach makes values and relationships the glue that holds community together. Today PICO has 44 affiliated federations, including LA Voice, and eight statewide networks working in 150 cities and towns and 17 states. More than one million families and one thousand congregations from 40 different denominations and faiths participate in PICO.