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Maureen Fiedler

Interfaith Voices – Over the Air & Your Ipod Portal

For all the increase in religious and interreligious news these days, and in spite of thousands of grassroots interfaith organizations dotting the globe, major media’s exploration of interreligious/ interfaith/ interspirituality has been timid. Exceptions like Religion News Service, Huffington Post Religion, and PBS’ Religion and Ethics Newsweekly may be turning the tide via the internet. Radio hasn’t done as well, with “Christian” radio still dominating the airwaves along with the likes of Rush Limbaugh’s vicious screed.

Interfaith Radio Takes Advantage of the Web

Radio is one of the oldest hi-tech tools of our time and one of the most durable. Today, coupled with websites and browsers, radio offers a local/global platform to anyone interested in doing the hard work of generating compelling programming that people listen to.