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Rabbi Joshua Heschel

Walking Together in Jerusalem

Walking Together in Jerusalem

by Henry Ralph Carse

In the shadow of the ancient walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, on a sunny day in April, I am leading a small group of prophets down a pathway into the Kidron Valley, and then up the slopes of the Mount of Olives.  I call them “prophets,” but these women and men in their twenties are not in old-fashioned robes or unkempt beards, nor roaring dire warnings about the end of time. 

Creating 20,000 Interfaith Dialogues

Sociologist Robert Putnam’s latest book, American Grace (2010), should be required reading for all Americans in the interfaith movement. As an interfaith activist I resonated with his finding that breaking down fear and prejudice towards ‘the other’ is best facilitated by promoting personal connections and relations across faiths.