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State of Formation

State of Formation: A Forum for Young Faith & Ethics Leaders

It is difficult to know where to turn to get accurate, interesting, creative, not to mention, meaty theological reflections exploring the social issues we face in the world today. The online forum State of Formation (SoF) offers such a place, and as the forum grows, the continuing legacy of writers, ideas, topics, and dialogue grows as well.

Seminarians Go Online to “Make Interfaith”

In Rabbinic Judaism, Torah is considered as much a process as a sacred text. By studying, analyzing, and debating the significance of its contents, rabbis and their disciples are said to make Torah.

March 2012 Resources

Guide to Religious Tolerance In A Hostile Environment – New Golden Rule Video – New Video: From A Village in India to Multi-Cultural Toronto – Meaning Making Involves Us All

New Journal on Religion and Contemporary Life

"Religion" is one of the most difficult words to define.  People use the word all of the time but have a hard time flushing out its precise meaning.  Having spent time on issues surrounding defining "religion," I felt it would be a good idea to start a new journal where "religion" can be analyzed, interpreted, and compared with other phenomena.  I figured it would be an accessible, academic, online forum for people to publish on issues surrounding "religion."  Much like State of FormationClaremont Journal of Religion is meant to facilitate academic dialogue and encourage the enactment of deep pluralism.

“Meaning” Brings Everyone to the Table

Human beings, gifted with consciousness, have no choice but to explain, at least to ourselves, what life means. Even “meaninglessness” qualifies as a definition of meaning, as when Shakespeare’s King Macbeth cries out that life “is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Easy for the King to say. Prey to his own worst instincts and reduced to violent tyranny, Macbeth’s “nothing” comes between hearing that his partner in crime, Lady Macbeth, has committed suicide, and his own beheading.