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Breaking Down the Walls of Our Hearts

Breaking Down the Walls of Our Hearts

by Marcus Braybrook

have been thinking a lot about breaking down walls, as I have just returned from an interreligious peace conference in South Korea.The highlight was a peace rally in the World Cup Stadium that included speaker after speaker who affirmed the longing for peace and reunification of Korea.

The Dalai Lama’s Call for Compassion

“West’s war with Islam to last 100 years” was the banner headline of a recent Australian newspaper. Admittedly, the text referred to ‘extreme Islam,’ but the headline reinforces a very dangerous over-simplification sadly too often voiced both by Christians and Muslims on the social media.

Confronting Our Internal Voices

The Art of Critical Self-Examination

Double-Edged Daggers

This essay is based on an excerpt from the author’s journal when she was sixteen years old.