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I Belong, Therefore I Am

I Belong, Therefore I Am

by Jim Burklow

Religion can do a body good. And that’s not just a promise of good-pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die. There’s science behind the assertion that religion can benefit your physical and emotional health on this side of the Pearly Gates.


Technology: A Re-introduction

We’ve become the tools of our tools and the fault – and the solution – lie not in our tools, but in ourselves.

For all the stunning achievements of science and technology in the last 400 years, there has been a blind spot at the center of both enterprises: the absence of an overarching vision that ties everything together, or the recognition that, in fact, everything is indeed connected.

The sheer amount of information now makes it impossible for any single person to grasp the whole of knowledge, as Leonardo da Vinci once could. As a result, scientists and technologists become buried in silos of information with little or no vision of what is upstream or downstream of their work.

What is Most Meaningful in My Life as a Buddhist

Before writing this short essay, I puzzled for some days over what is most meaningful to me, especially pertaining to my Buddhist identity. There are many candidates. I value my relationship with my teacher; I value my sangha or community; I value being a Western Buddhist, which allows me to critically evaluate which aspects of Buddhism to take on and which, such as its sexism and patriarchy, to reject; I value all the training and inspiration I have received over the years.

The Language of Interfaith Conversation

Mindful interfaith language expresses our common humanity, builds relationships of respect and trust, and pursues peace.