April 2012 Theme

Emerging Interfaith Voices: II

This continues last month collection of emerging interfaith voices, which turned out to be much larger than we first realized. We were particularly interested in hearing from indigenous leaders, women, and young adults.

* * *

Unified Spiritual Action Required
Protecting the Sacred in a Shattered World by Phil Lane

Birth of an Interfaith Seminarian Society
Finding Your Voice in an Interfaith World by Joshua Stanton

Teaching Leadership Skills
Making Interfaith Cooperation a Social Norm by Dan Pawlus

Redefining Religious Leadership
Interfaith Women Exploring New Ways to Lead by Kay Lindahl

Women’s Voices Being Heard at the United Nations
Women & Spirituality at the UN Commission on the Status of Women by Kathe Schaaf

RavelUnravel Launches May 17
Exploring Religious Identity in Omaha and Beyond by Beth Katz

Giving Voice to the Silenced
A Review of Golden States of Grace by Paul Chaffee

New Voices, New Leaders
A Review of My Neighbor’s Faith by Paul Chaffee

Growing Up Sikh in America
Double-Edged Daggers by Valarie Kaur (excerpted from My Neighbor’s Faith)

To Love Unconditionally, Respect All, and Serve All
How a Samoan Mormon Became a Global Interfaith Activist by TIO Correspondent Ruth Broyde Sharone

The Next Great Thing(s) in Interfaith
What the Emerging Interfaith Voices Tell Us by Bud Heckman