April 2013 - Welcoming Atheists & Humanists into the Interfaith Community

Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture

Members of the Illini Secular Student Alliance celebrating at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign having a good time. Read the story. Photo: Religion Dispatches


“Who isn’t at the table?”

Interfaith News

Interfaith Activists Encouraged by New Pope – Unprecedented Orthodox-Roman Catholic Engagement – Time Running Out on Anti-Poverty Goals – KAICIID Announces Major Interfaith Program in Africa – Fratricide in the Land of Cain and Able – Proactive Muslim Interfaith Activists in Morocco – A Deeper Dialogue at Passover – The Good & Bad News about Interfaith Marriage – A Mystic Path for Us All

Report: Israeli and Iranian Citizen Peacemakers Finally meet in Illinois

Love between Israel and Iran - History is Made! by Janessa Gans Wilder

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Welcoming Atheists & Humanists into the Interfaith Community

When Who We are Becomes More Important than What We Believe

Offering an Overdue Welcome to the Atheist Community by Paul Chaffee

Unexpected Relationships

Foreword to Faithiest: How an Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religiousby Eboo Patel

Unexpected Inspiration

A Review of Chris Stedman’s Faitheistby Charles Gibbs

The Case for Collaboration

On Atheists and Theists Together at the Interfaith Table by Chris Stedman

Counter-intuitive Collaboration Protects Us All

Religious Freedom, Meet Secularism – Your Best Ally by Tom Krattenmaker

Buddhist-Christian Dialogue Addresses Secularism

Secular Religion Not an Oxymoron by Ian Harris

Atheists Get Organized

Are Atheists the New Campus Crusaders? by Katherine Don

Building New Bridges

“Interview an Atheist in Church” Takes Off by Kile Jones

Promoting Pastoral Care for Us All

The Case for Atheist Chaplains by Vanessa Gomez Brake

On Becoming a Spiritually Non-exclusive Congregation

Light in the Night Sky by Gretta Vosper

Opportunities – Download a History of the Golden Rule

Discovering What’s Valuable Enough for Our Investment

Why Young Adults Are Disappearing from Our Congregations by Sana Saeed

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