December 2014 - The Joys of Interfaith

Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture


Turning to Joy by Paul Chaffee

Interfaith News Roundup

Religion and State – Middle East Matters – Clergy Becoming Interfaith Activists – A Very Busy, Interfaith Friendly Pontiff – Grace Under Pressure

Climate Change and the Ivory Tower

Laurie Zoloth Calls American Academy of Religion to Account by Ruth Broyde Sharone

Details from Salt Lake City

Dalai Lama and Karen Armstrong to Keynote 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions

“All Under the Same Sky”

International Interfaith Festival in Guadalajara, May 3-9, 2015by Paul Chaffee

The Joys of Interfaith

From “Celebrating Thanksgiving in Jerusalem”Opening the Door to God and Each Other

The Joy of Interfaith Friendship by Marcus Braybrooke

Coming Home from “Show ‘n Tell”

On Being a Muslim Parent by Eboo Patel

Interfaith Peace Camps for Kids

Changing the Face of Our Nations by Vicki Garlock

On Visiting a “New” Country for the First Time

Rising Above Borders by Ammara Mohsin

Future 50: Passing the Torch

Generations of Religious Leadership Sit Down Together by Lia Mandelbaum

Making Happiness Out of Our Differences

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Jerusalem by Ilona Gerbakher

Atlanta’s “World Pilgrims” Model Transforms Lives

Getting to Know You While We’re in Turkey by Gilbert (Budd) Friend-Jones

Report from a Year on the Interfaith Road

Joy at the Grassroots by Victor H. Kazanjian Jr.

Returning Sacred Texts to the Yezidis

Finding Light in the Midst of “Devil-worshippers”by Don Frew

A Review of Matthew Fox’s Meister Eckhart – A Mystic-Warrior for Our Times

Required Reading for Interspirituality 101by Paul Chaffee

Going to the Source

This Unlimited Energy of Joy that Will Be Our Power by Sally Mahé

Religious Calendar


TIO Special Editions: Religions for Peace USA

Finding the Joys of Interfaith in Hard Times by Aaron Stauffer

Jainism – “Jain Teachings at an Interfaith Center” – Suzanne Lamoreaux interviewing Nirmala Hanke

Join Your Name to the Global Climate Movement