February 2012 - Everyday Interfaith

February 15, 2012

Photo: Sean McGinn, Faith House Manhattan.

Nothing beats visiting someone else’s sanctuary to if you really want to understand them, as this child found out on the Faith House Manhattan Tour Bus. See the story below.


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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Interfaith Perspective – South Africa’s Religious Leaders Organize – RFP Condemns Interreligious Violence in Nigeria – Muslims and Jews Under One Roof – Interfaith Peace Workshops Launched in Pakistan – Interfaith Youth Meet in Cambodia – Interfaith Youth Take on Landmines in Poland – Pope Promotes Young Adult Jewish-Catholic Dialogue – Praying & Chanting Each Month for Peace – Greening America’s Sanctuaries – Scarboro Mission’s Golden Rule Poster Now in Urdu

Interfaith Reports

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Faith House Manhattan Tour Bus

Experience Your Neighbor's Faith to Deepen Your Own by Samir Selmanovic and Bowie Snodgrass

Losing an Interfaith Haven

Telling Stories of Muslims and Christians in Syria by Stephanie Saldana

Growing Interfaith Roots

When Dialogue is Not Enough by Ruth Broyde Sharone

Interfaith Worship

Should People of Different Faiths Pray Together? by Marcus Braybrooke


KidSpirit – Youth Model the Spirit of Religious Pluralism by Elizabeth Dabney Hochman

New Journal on Religion and Contemporary Life by Kile Jones


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