February 2015 - Indigenous Traditions in the Modern World

Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture


Beyond the Doctrine of Discovery by Paul Chaffee

Interfaith News Roundup

Religion and Violence Stay Center Stage – Continuing Global Struggle for Religious Freedom – And the Rest of the News

The Interfaith Consequences Of Rediscovering Your Faith

Drop by Drop, until the Cup is Full by Ilona Gerbakher

Call To Prayer, Sisterhood, and Female Leadership

First All-Women Mosque in America Launched by Ruth Broyde Sharone

Indigenous Traditions in the Modern World

Earth-Based, Nature-Based, Neopagan, Native, Indigenous Traditions…

What Is Indigeniety? by Gus DiZerega

Before 1532 and Since

Struggling to keep the Cosmovision Alive by Alejandrino Quispe

Offerings given to a ritual fire during ceremony can include a candle, seeds, resins, wood, and copal.

On Welcoming Indigenous Traditions To The Table

The Finer Points of Getting to Know You by Rachael Watcher

Global Indigenous Initiative Gathering

Renouncing the Doctrine of Discovery/Reclaiming Mother Earth by URI Team

Interreligious Reconciliation in Ethiopia

Saving Pagan Lives by Don Frew 

Indigenous Spirituality in the Modern World

Doctrine, Ritual, and Spiritual Development by Rachael Watcher

Reconciling Indigenous and Institutional Religion

Don Frew – Opening the Indigenous Doorby Paul Chaffee

A Review Of A Million and One Gods By Page Dubois

The Invisibility and Inevitability of Polytheism by Jason Pitzl

Immanence, Transcendence, and the Divine

When Nature Talks Back by Don Frew

A Kaleidoscope of Hope

“Indigenous Knowledge” Helping Mend the Nature-Culture Divide by Melissa K. Nelson

Using The Pagan Wheel of the Year

Helping Kids Connect to the Earth by Vicki Garlock

The Fourth Way – For the Sake of the Human Family and Mother Earth

An Indigenous Call for Restoring the Sacred by Phil Lane

Religious Calendar

Special Edition for RFP

Neuropeace: Putting Science to Work for Peace by Aaron Stauffer

Interviewing Rev. Jen Bailey: What Defines a Millennnial Interfaith Leader? by Aaron Stauffer

Celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week - "The Top Ten List of ..."