January 2014 - The Best of TIO: 2011-2013

Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture


An Antidote to Despair by Paul Chaffee

Interfaith News

HuffPo Religion on Religion in 2013 – Report: U.N.’s Commitment to Religious Freedom a Sham – Faith Based Organizations Active at the U.N. – Barriers between Religious and Non-Religious Coming Down – Japanese Monks Reach Out to Take on the Big Issues – Germany Adds Islam to its School Curriculum – Interfaith Scouting Emerges, Championing Diversity – Increasing Christian Persecution Globally

Guidelines for a New Year

Spiritually Literate New Year’s Resolutionsby Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

An Interview with Diana Eck – Part 3

The Struggle for Interfaith Funding, the Interfaith Career Opportunities by Ruth Broyde Sharone

Instead of Splitting the World in Two

All People are Chosen, All Lands are Holyby Alan Senauke

REPORT: Sixth Day of Prayer on Universal Children’s Day Celebrated

Ministry to End Violence to Children Keeps GrowingbyTIO Staff

Celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week – February 1-7

When a King and a Pope Sit Down to Talk Religion…by Rebecca Tobias

The Best of TIO: 2011-2013

A Dream that is Contagious

The Growth of Interfaith Understanding and Cooperation Since 1893

by Marcus Braybrooke (October 2011)

Lighting the Darkness

Love in a Time of War by Mirabai Starr (December 2012)

Disciplines of the Spirit

The Lost Art of Listening by Kay Lindahl (September 2011)

Growing Up Sikh in America

Double-Edged Daggers by Valarie Kaur (April 2012)

Interfaith Teaching Intrafaith

Confronting ‘the Other’ in Your Own Community by Ruth Broyde Sharone (June 2012)

Interfaith Skillsets

When Wiccans & Evangelical Christians Become Friends by Don Frew (January 2012)

On Becoming a Spiritually Non-Exclusive Congregation

Light in the Night Sky by Gretta Vosper (April 2013)

One of the Largest Religious Rituals in the Western World

Visiting the New Jerusalem at Burning Man by Malcolm Clemens Young (November 2013)

Skylight Paths Spirituality Series a Treasure House

The Art of Spiritual LivingNever Looked So Invitingby David Crumm (October 2013)

Neopagan, Indigenous, and Earth-based Spiritual Practice

A Different Approach to Deity by Rachael Watcher (November 2013)

Can You Trust Your Guru?

Gurus, Seekers, and Being Accountable by Philip Goldberg (September 2013)

New Voices, New Leaders

Youth Redefining Interfaith Activism Globally by Frank Fredericks (March 2012)

Finding Common Ground

How Does Hinduism and Buddhism Influence Me as a Rabbi?” by Rami Shapiro (September 2013)

My Faith Journey

How a Catholic Kid in Kentucky Became a San Francisco Swamiby Swami Ramananda (November 2012)

Are We There Yet?

The $100,000 Question in the Interfaith Movementby Bud Heckman (November 2011)

Religious Calendar


Third BIG I Conference to Convene in Arizona March 7-9

Call for Submissions to The Compassion Project: An Anthology

Dru Takes on Bullying with the Golden Rule

TIO Special Editions: Religions for Peace USA

Among So Many Interfaith Organizations, Why Religions for Peace? by Bud Heckman

2014 – Looking Forward in the Life of RFPUSA by Aaron Stauffer

What a Joyous and Blessed Ride! by Tarunjit Butalia

Religions For Peace USA Webinar Series during WIHW, Feb. 1-7: Register Here!


Growing Number of Givers