July 2012 - Making it Happen in an Interfaith World

July 15, 2012

Floating Latterns at the Memorial Day 2012 celebration in Hawaii, organized by Shinnyo-en each year.


Making it Happen in an Interfaith World

Interfaith News

American Muslims Struggle for Religious Freedom – Kenyans Confronting Terrible Violence – Buddhist Peace Activists Call for Respect in Thailand – Myanmar Multi-faith Clergy Opposing Interreligious Violence – Middle East Peacemakers Seek Canadian Support – Religious Leaders Fast in Common Protest – Seminarian Warriors of Hope in a Crusade Against Ignorance – Penance Called for Doctrines of Oppression – Mohamed Morsi Makes Inclusive Choices in Cairo – Crafting an Interfaith Monarchy – Obama Stays Interfaith Friendly – First Westerner Invited to Lead Major Buddhist Monastery in India – Native and Orthodox Rites Overlap in Alaska Cemetery – 2010 U.S. Religious Census Comes with Surprises

Report from Sarajevo

Europe - Vision of Living Together in Diversity and Harmony

Making it Happen in an Interfaith World

Key Figures in Interfaith History

John Henry Barrows: Producing the First Parliament of Religions by Marcus Braybrooke

In the Valley of the Shadow of Death

When Interfaith Activists Confront Violence by Marites Africa

Interfaith Warts and All

Dealing with Religion’s Messiness by Paul Louis Metzger and John W. Morehead

The Jewish-Evangelical Interface

Interfaith Relations: Do the Math! by Mark Diamond

Science and the Spirit Interwoven?

Healing as an Interfaith Practice by Francis Geddes

Smarter, More Connected, and Deeply Spiritual

Rio+ 20: After the Speeches, the Work Begins by Grove Harris

Interfaith Organizing Flexes its Muscles

The Power of Interfaith-Based Community Organizing by Zachary Hoover

L.A. Latinos Elect Muslim Mayor

What’s Right with this Picture? by TIO Correspondent Ruth Broyde Sharone

A Higher Plateau for Interfaith Inclusivity

Shinnyo-en Memorial Ceremony Draws 40,000 by Paul Chaffee


Parliament of the World’s Religions Webinars


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