July 2016 - Featuring Don Frew

Exploring Interreligious Relations & 
Interfaith Culture

This month we conclude a nearly half-year respite in TIO’s normal format to focus on half a dozen of TIO’s most prolific contributors. They have come from Anglican, Jewish, Methodist, Muslim, Pagan, and Protestant communities, each with a long history of significant interfaith engagement. This month Donald H. Frew, an Elder in the Covenant of the Goddess, a Wiccan tradition, is featured. Few in the world have been more deeply connected with the interfaith world than Don Frew, who all the while provides significant leadership in his own community, going through as many changes as any other religious tradition. Below you will find a 15-minute video where Don shares his own spiritual journey and a little about Wicca.

Next month TIO goes on vacation, and you’ll find us back with a regular issue on September 15.

This the first part (15 minutes) of a five-part interview of Don Frew about his personal spiritual journey, his tradition, Wicca, and his interfaith work. Lailoken Scathach is the interviewer.


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